Short Story: Crime Fighting Duo: Jiro and Mia!

Mia adjusted her mask and narrowed her eyes at her brother. Jiro kneeled down on one knee next to her in his own costume and mask, hands on the floor. Although their costumes and masks were of different colors, Mia’s bright red and Jiro’s dark blue, that did nothing to hide their glittering golden eyes and their shiny black hair. People could always tell they were siblings, even with their masks on.

They were at the top of a building, looking at a particular bank. They had been protecting their city from crime for two years now, and they were the only ones who could do it.

“Quit staring at me,” Jiro said in his quiet voice. “You’ll miss our target.”

Mia rolled her eyes at him but looked away. Then, she saw who they were looking for. “There!” Mia shouted, pointing at the man who was trying to sneak away from the bank, carrying a heavy-looking bag. Jiro and Mia had gotten a call about someone wanting to rob this bank. This had to be him.

Jiro nodded at her and snapped his fingers twice. The back of his costume started to glow, and his wings expanded. At the same time, two clouds of smoke formed around Mia’s shoes. “Let’s go,” Jiro whispered.

Mia jumped off the building and started chasing the robber, as if there was solid ground beneath her shoes. Jiro’s dark blue wings fluttered and he, too, made a dash for their target. The robber saw this and panicked. He held his bag tighter and tried to run faster. Unluckily for him, Jiro and Mia were even faster.

Jiro swooped in and snatched the bag from the robber. The robber wouldn’t let go, but when Jiro started flying higher into the air, the robber cried out and let go, then started running away from them again.

It was Mia’s turn. When she touched the ground, the clouds around her shoes vanished. She reached both her hands towards the robber and snapped once. Smoke started to circle the robber, and as Mia brought her hands closer together, the smoke tied itself around the robber. Because of that, the robber fell down and stared at the siblings, stunned.

Jiro grinned at his sister and gave her a thumbs-up. While Mia was doing her work, Jiro had called the police. They could already hear the police sirens getting louder and louder. Jiro landed next to his sister and set the heavy bag down. It was filled with money and gold bars.

Mia returned a thumbs-up, then looked at the robber who looked like he was about to cry. She shook her head at him and sighed, “Crime never pays. When will people learn?”

© 2018 Dionne Seah. All Rights Reserved.

Short Story: Evie and the Monster

Evie hid behind the tree, peeking out from time to time. Whenever she heard the loud “crunch” of a footstep near her, she took in a deep breath and held it. She wouldn’t let the monster catch her this time! All she had to do was be really careful and really quiet. That way, she could get home without being caught.

She looked out once more, but there was no sign of the monster. Like a hare, she darted to another tree. Evie hid behind it again and looked towards the little cottage that seemed so close yet so far.

“Only five more trees,” she said to herself softly. “I can do this!”

Evie chewed on her bottom lip as she checked for the monster. She looked left, then she looked right. Nothing. The monster seemed to have lost track of her.

“Now!” she said to herself and started for her house.

Just as she passed by the third tree, she noticed the monster was hiding behind the last tree, but she was already running as fast as a cheetah, and it was too late for her to stop.

“Roar!” her mum shouted and jumped out, hugging Evie tightly in her arms. “The monster’s caught you!”

“Aw, man!” Evie sighed. “I was so close. I didn’t think to look at the trees. I thought you’d be out in the open.”

Evie’s mum laughed and kissed Evie on the forehead. “Silly girl,” she said. “Maybe you can be more careful next time. You would have made it if you had been more patient.”

© 2018 Dionne Seah. All Rights Reserved.